Supported Living Tenants

Six-Key does not work directly with supported living tenants but play an important, enabling, role for people who have to survive permanently on disability benefit to improve where they live.

Six-Key partner, negotiate with, sustain and support many of the agencies who, working together, can deliver better housing. ‘Better Housing’ means a home which looks like housing that anyone else might aspire to, albeit people not on high levels of income.

In Supported Living a person’s home is not a residential home a nursing home or a hospital but it is usually social housing provided by a Registered Housing Association, and is rented. People are protected fully by the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreement which grants them legal ‘secure tenure’. This means they cannot be moved from their home without their agreement. Most vulnerable people living with support in a tenancy want to live in their own self-contained home rather than share their personal spaces with other vulnerable people.

Currently, the most popular forms of social housing are self-contained apartments which can be accessed by support carers giving individual attention to the tenants, based on their wishes and needs.

Many people are able to do this now because Six-Key have negotiated housing benefit payments which cover the cost of acquiring, developing and managing the properties.