Institutional Investors

Six-Key, along with our associated partners, has an extensive network of contacts to identify and enable delivery of a wide range of housing requirements. We are able to provide bespoke brokerage, specialist advice and liaison services to create unique partnerships between the public and private sectors.

We are expert in researching and formulating demand and are able to provide an overview on the key aspects of accommodation infrastructure, specifications, regulatory compliance and lease arrangements.

Again, using our extensive network and experience, we can introduce and liaise with the appropriate Registered Housing and Care Providers most appropriate to the development.

Six-Key are able to provide investors with a technical exposition of the Exempt Rent regime, including but not limited to the relevant law, regulations, process, parties, requirements and documentation.

We can also obtain a ‘best position’ indicative agreement from the local HB Administering Authority to, amongst other things, award the full costs of the proposed lease fees, which ultimately incorporate the required return for the investor within the gross rent levels submitted, and acknowledges that the tenancies are treated under the HB regulations as ‘Excluded Tenancies’ and qualify as ‘Exempt/Specified Accommodation’ and therefore not subject to social rent standards