Social Landlords

The Housing Benefit regulations and the case-law precedents developed over thirty years comprise a complex system which is difficult to master without the time and specialist background we have developed.

Six-Key, using our experience, knowledge and considerable network. built over many years, are ideally placed to assist Housing Associations who need help with rent setting for both new and existing properties. We also provide strategic advice, along with practical support, to ensure that organisations are best positioned to ensure their long term sustainability, enabling them to fulfil their mission, aims and objectives as socially responsible landlords.

As part of our service we successfully liaise and negotiate with Local Authorities to ensure that income is optimised, from rent and service charges, to ensure long term viability of the organisations we assist.

Over the longer term, we are usually retained to offer advice and support along with troubleshooting any issues relating to the housing and ongoing tenancies of people with high support needs.

Both our optimisation and retained services are normally entirely cost neutral to landlords.